The testing was conducted on the following: a bone dry 11.5 in. M-4 with a standard Bolt carrier group (BCG) as well as a Teflon coated BCG, Sig Sauer 1911 .45, a Standard issue Glock 17, and a Springfield Armory XD 9mm. I tested your CLP on all of the above weapons as well as a 16 in. AR15 that had over two months of carbon buildup on it. The Solvent was used as clean up for all guns.

On my M4 I initially lubed both bolts, and applied it with a soft bristled tooth brush. Lubricant was applied to each pistol the same way, the bottom of the slide with a toothbrush, and the trigger housing with a q-tip. Each weapon was reassembled after application.

With the Standard issue bolt, you could notice a considerable difference; the lubrication and easy glide of the extraction, chambering, going into and out of battery. The action itself was smoother after the first round was fired.

The common and standard CLP has a distinct odor so the first aspect I noticed was that the smell was almost pleasant. On another note, when I applied your CLP to the Teflon coated BCG, the comparison was remarkably better with the combination of your Lubricant and Teflon! I fired roughly 90 rounds without having to reapply once. It assisted the disassembly as well and the CLP bottle was almost not needed. I applied it to the brushes of a bore snake, ran it through the bore twice, and it left it spotless. I applied it to a bore brush, attached it to a drill, and I didn’t need to scrape it with a dental pick as I usually have to.

I fired 50 rounds through each one of the pistols. Surprisingly the Lubricant was actually more effective on the Glock 17. While it was notably impressive, I believe it has a way of being more compatible with composite framed pistols, which is interesting because it was originally designed to lubricate machinery correct? And again I only made an initial application with a soft bristled toothbrush. Since I saw how easy it was to clean the M4 with the CLP, I tried cleaning the 1911 without it. The use of your CLP made it considerably easier. It was actually easier than cleaning with many of your competitors. One thing that stood out to me about your solvent was that it actually helped clean my brushes after reassembly.



- Ridiculously effective!! I would definitely recommend this product to manufacturers, Gun shops, armorers, and Tactical shops.

- No foul odor or splatter from the liquidation process after the first round is fired.

- Limited or No need for reapplication during a normal range session.

- I noticed no pooling or clumping of the product in the chamber or bore.

- After application and reassembly, it did not leave a greasy coat on the firearms.


- Again No foul odor or splatter from the liquidation process after the first round is fired.

- Due to the effectiveness of the solvent, CLP was almost not required, but it certainly assisted with the removal of all carbon and debris left.

- It only took a small amount applied to the brushes of a bore snake to give the entire barrel with a mirror finish.


- I used the Solvent to clean up after the cleaning of my M4, and it seemed relatively easy to clean up after.

- It doesn’t have that textbook solvent smell of paint thinner, or alcohol.

- It didn’t leave any film on anything it was applied to and didn’t affect the reapplication of the lubricant after reassembly.


Overall, you have an amazing product and I can DEFINITELY see the potential in it. Seeing that it is environmentally safe, any company that sells it can get the “green stamp of approval”.

-Doug Ford (Peanut), Firearms Instructor