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SLIK Solvent
SLIK:Advanced All-Natural Lubricant, Solvent, and CLP (Cleaner, Lubricant, Preservative)

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Check out our review on Guns and Tactics Magazine http://www.gunsandtactics.com/slik-all-natural-lubricant

Due to the effectiveness of SLIK Lubricant, a specific solvent had to be made to be able to remove the lubricant in case deep cleaning was desired.

This solvent is made of all natural ingredients so it is non-toxic. SLIK Solvent is infused with the power of nature, originally as a way to remove the powerful SLIK Lubricant since normal soap and water did not cut it. Our solvent has been tested to effectively remove rust and, so far, any surface stain we can think of. From permanent markers to brake dust, SLIK Solvent was able to remove them all effortlessly.

  • While other cleaners state to let their formula sit for up to 5 minutes for it to work, SLIK works right away. Whether using the CLP or solvent and just a simple cotton swab, you can easily and effectively clean your weapon. SLIK takes the carbon, grime, and dirt, right off. You no longer have to scrub excessively with a brush to try and remove carbon.
  • SLIK smells amazing. It has a light citrus smell to it. It’s all natural and non-toxic. Talking to people in our community, they preferred SLIK’s scent over the smell of standard gun oil or solvent.
Using nothing but the power of a cotton swab and some SLIK Solvent, you can easily remove dirt, grime and carbon that can be difficult to remove or clean.


With no effort and only 10 seconds of “light scrubbing” with the cotton swab, rust was easily removed.

"SLIK is the ultimate waterproof, rust prevention, lubricant, and cleaner out there." - Dr. Wright, Examiner.com

"I used SLIK to test on my M-4's and I love it! Out of all the brands on the market, SLIK is my number one choice. Shooting was extremely smooth and cleanup was effortless…the carbon wiped right off." - Doug, Firearms Instructor

"I'm all about not having to put in any effort when it comes to physical labor and this took none. SLIK stayed on with no noticeable evaporation, kept the carbon away from the metal, and my cleaning time is down to a third of what it used to be.” - Neil, United States Air Force

"I have replaced SLIK as my go to lubricant for everything. I've used it to waterproof my backpack, combat boots as well as my weapons." -Rob, former Army Ranger

"This stuff is pretty amazing. I tested it against other cleaners and lubricants and this worked better and faster. The citrus smell is a nice touch as well." – Brian, United States Air Force

A little goes a long way. Apply to all surfaces, scrub until dirt and grim loosen. Wipe clean and lubricate necessary stress and friction points using SLIK Lubricant or CLP

A few ways you can use SLIK Solvent:
- Remove stubborn carbon or dirt
- adhesive removal
- Break Dust cleaner

For a more extensive list, check out our SLIK USES list.
SLIK Lubricant - The Sandy Water Torture Test
SLIK- The Best Advanced All natural Lubricant, Solvent, and CLP
  • - 100% Natural and Non-Toxic
    - Rust Removal
    - Removes Carbon, dirt, and grime easily and effectively

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