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SLIK Lubricant
SLIK: Advanced All-Natural Lubricant, Solvent, and CLP (Cleaner, Lubricant, Preservative)

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While most people look at gun lubrication from the same standard viewpoint, we decided to look at it from a different angle. The end result was SLIK, an all natural, non toxic, waterproof lubricant.

One of the problems that SLIK solves extremely well is lubricant evaporation due to normal use or high heat. SLIK has a high temperature threshold that easily handles the high temperatures caused from constant use.

  • SLIK is waterproof! SLIK conditions and creates a barrier between the lubricated areas preventing any moisture from reaching the metal. Whether it is hot, cold, dry, or humid weather, SLIK has shown to be very effective in preventing corrosion. It resists outside elements such as dust, sand, dirt, and carbon from mixing with the lubricant making for extremely easy cleanup. Using SLIK, you can feel secure in knowing that your weapon is well protected.
  • While other cleaners state to let their formula sit for up to 5 minutes for it to work, SLIK works right away. Whether using the CLP or solvent and just a simple cotton swab, you can easily and effectively clean your weapon. SLIK takes the carbon, grime, and dirt, right off. You no longer have to scrub excessively with a brush to try and remove carbon.
  • SLIK smells amazing. It has a light citrus smell to it. It’s all natural and non-toxic. Talking to people in our community, they preferred SLIK’s scent over the smell of standard gun oil or solvent.
  • Among SLIK’s many potential applications are any and all moving metal parts, bicycle chains, machinery, waterproofing and preserving metal and wood, waterproofing and lubricating machinery on boats, waterproofing your combat boots, knife conditioning/rust prevention, cleaning up grease and oil buildup in the kitchen, cleaning brake dust, permanent marker removal and much more.

Testing Criteria:

The goal of SLIK was to push the boundaries and try to outperform what was already on the market. Numerous tests have shown that this goal has been met.

Had to work in different environments:
SLIK has been tested in dry, hot, and cold environments; even in the humid and salty air of the Island of Guam.
Had to be water-resistant:

Tests have shown that SLIK is waterproof. SLIK was applied to a piece of high carbon steel and submerged in salt water for 2 weeks without showing signs of rust or corrosion. No other lubricant was able to match this feat.
Did not evaporate easily like other lubricants:

Tests have shown that SLIK not only has a high evaporation threshold, but there is no noticeable loss of lubricant after 1000 rounds shot before cleaning and reapplying. Not only did the gun continue to work but cleanup was significantly cut down due to the properties of SLIK.

Torture test:

While researching the pros and cons of different lubricants one thing that stood out was they were unable to handle sand getting into the gun. SLIK was tested against 3 other well-known brands to see how it would fare. Every other brand failed while SLIK continued to work flawlessly.

Video Links:

SLIK M&P and Beretta 92FS Muddy Sand Torture Test: http://bit.ly/1EZ5eT5

SLIK Overview: http://bit.ly/1FAG35E

SLIK vs Muddy water and Sand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggndT7RyvxQ

SLIK vs Dry Sand: http://bit.ly/1B6yV0i

"SLIK is the ultimate waterproof, rust prevention, lubricant, and cleaner out there.""SLIK is the ultimate waterproof, rust prevention, lubricant, and cleaner out there."- Dr. Wright, Examiner.com

"I used SLIK to test on my M-4's and I love it! Out of all the brands on the market, SLIK is my number one choice. Shooting was extremely smooth and cleanup was effortless…the carbon wiped right off."- Doug, Firearms Instructor

"I'm all about not having to put in any effort when it comes to physical labor and this took none. SLIK stayed on with no noticeable evaporation, kept the carbon away from the metal, and my cleaning time is down to a third of what it used to be.”- Neil, United States Air Force

"I have replaced SLIK as my go to lubricant for everything. I've used it to waterproof my backpack, combat boots as well as my weapons." -Rob, former Army Ranger

"This stuff is pretty amazing. I tested it against other cleaners and lubricants and this worked better and faster. The citrus smell is a nice touch as well." – Brian, United States Air Force

SLIK Lubricant has a butter-like consistency that melts to the touch when applied. It makes anything that is applied to it waterproof while keeping carbon, dirt, and other contaminants from reaching the lubricated parts.

Salt water submersion test results:

Rust started to form within 20 minutes to a couple of hours with the other brands while SLIK remained un-phased.

As you can see, the lubricant worked very well compared to the other brands.

Shooting 200 rounds and cleaning the gun by wiping off the lubricant:


A little goes a long way. Clean surface prior to applying lubricant. Wipe clean and lubricate necessary stress and friction points. For Storage: Apply a light film prior to storing

Waterproofing Gear:
Using a paper towel or cloth, apply an even layer of lubricant across the entirety of the gear you are looking to waterproof.

You can then either:
a.) Buff the lubricant into the material
b.) Using a heatgun, melt the lubricant into the material. Let it sit, and dry.

A few ways you can use SLIK Lubricant:
- Rust prevention for knives, guns, or other metal objects
- Condition and protect wood furniture
- Waterproofing your backpack, boots, or other gear

For a more extensive list, check out our SLIK USES list.
SLIK Lubricant - The Sandy Water Torture Test
SLIK- The Best Advanced All natural Lubricant, Solvent, and CLP
  • - SLIK is waterproof! SLIK conditions and creates a barrier between the lubricated areas preventing any moisture from reaching the metal.
    - Works Immediately and effectively
    - Smells great
    - Versatile - Can be used for more than just a lubricant and CLP

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