KROUNDS LLC: Custom Holsters

Holsters - An Amazing Custom Holster
KRounds LLC is a company that is quickly making a name for themselves through their custom, high quality, kydex holsters and mag pouches. I have been in constant contact with their communications manager who was kind enough to sent a couple of hybrid IWB/OWB holsters. One for the M&P Pro Core 9/40 and the Beretta 92fs.

Now, there are a lot of companies out there who make kydex holsters so what sets KRounds apart from the pack and what is so great about their holsters?

To start off there are some very key items that need to be checked off to make a successful high quality, custom holster. Those inlude, Design, Fit, Finish, and Accessories.

KRounds holsters are made of the highest quality, thickest kydex available on the market today (.093). What this means is you have a slim profiled holster that is also extremely durable. This is the type of holster you would feel confident to use as a duty holster or to use overseas.

The contouring of the holster itself is very comfortable and fits to the body very well. When used outside the waistband, there is minimal printing when walking around. The retention on the holsters were perfect right out of the packaging but can also be individually set for your comfort level. There is no wiggle/play in the holsters and it has a nice audible click letting you know that your weapon is secure.

One of the biggest things that scares people from using a kydex holster is the fact that they can cause potential wear on the gun itself. I am happy to say that after unholstering and reholstering hundreds of times, I could not see any noticeable wear on the guns.

This is something that not too many people pay attention to. KRounds does a great job of making sure that their holsters come out looking great. The outside profile of the holster is nice and smooth with no burrs or marks from cutting the initial kydex/gun profile. The drilled holes are also cleaned out and I could not see any material within the holster itself. This is extremely important as it could potentially cause scratches or marks on your gun when putting it back in or taking it out of the holster.

This just goes to show that KRounds really took the time to make sure they put out a great product.

Now there isn't too much you can do as far as accessories go with a kydex holster, but the little things make a huge difference. Namely, their belt loops. Instead of being made from kydex which has been known to give/fail after a certain period of time from hard use, they have gone with a very thick, hard plastic. It is extremly stiff and does not give when moving around letting you know that this is an area you will not have to worry about failing.

KRounds holsters are truly high quality. If you are in the market for a new holster or to replace one that you have, I highly suggest taking a look at KRounds custom holsters. They were able to take a well known product, add their their own touch to it, and turn it into something even better. Using their holsters, you can be confident in knowing that it will serve you well for whatever purpose you choose.